LVB Hazelnut Mousse Torte (gluten free)

5”-$30, 7”-$50, 9”$65
Decadent chocolate mousse sandwiched between layers of hazelnut sponge cake, topped with a velvety smooth chocolate ganache and finished with a dark chocolate collar.

Vegan Chocolate Cake (gluten free)

5”- $30, 7”- $50, 9”– $65
Rich, moist chocolate cake brushed with brandy, filled with either raspberry or apricot jam and finished with our delicate vegan icing or ganache.

Vanilla Cheesecake

7”-$35, 9”-$59
Creamy baked vanilla cheesecake with cookie crust. Add Fruit or Chocolate topping–$1/inch in diameter

Italian Chocolate Cake (gluten free)

7”- $25, 9”- $45
A single layer dense flourless chocolate cake drenched in ganache and edged with pure chocolate shavings

Italian Chocolate Rhapsody (gluten free)

7”- $35, 9”- $59
Double layers of our Italian chocolate cake with raspberry filling

LVB Birthday Cake

5”-$20, 7”- $35, 9”- $49
White or chocolate cake layered w/ velvety smooth buttercream adorned with deluxe sprinkles!

Vanilla Raspberry Torte

5”- $25, 7”- $40, 9”- $55
Three layers of sponge cake filled with raspberry jam, covered in vanilla buttercream and finished with marzipan flowers and crisp pearls.

Lemon Torte

5”- $25, 7”- $40, 9”- $55
Three layers of sponge cake brushed with lemon syrup, filled with zesty lemon curd and covered in lemon buttercream and buttercream flowers.

Carrot Cake

5”- $25, 7”- $40, 9”- $55
4 layers of our moist dark carrot cake loaded with walnuts, pineapple, craisins, white chocolate and filled with cream cheese butter cream finished with toasted almond & marzipan carrots

German Chocolate Cake

5”- $25, 7”- $40, 9”- $55
Four alternating layers of chocolate cake and german chocolate filling ( rich creamy coconut and pecans )

Sacher Torte

5”-$25, 7”-$40, 9”-$55
Fashioned after a cake by the Viennese “Hotel Sacher”, this two-layer chocolate cake is brushed with apricot liquor, filled with apricot jam then double coated with chocolate ganache.

To avoid disappointment please try to allow 3 days notice for cake orders!

Black Forest Torte

5”- $25, 7” -$40, 9”- $55
Rich chocolate cake brushed with kirsch, then layered with whipped cream and Kirsch marinated sour cherries and finished with dark chocolate shavings and cherry garnish

Chocolate Duet

5“- $25, 7”- $40, 9”- $55
You will be romanced by this layered cake composed of moist chocolate cake filled with velvety smooth chocolate butter cream, dripping with ganache and adorned with crisp chocolate pearls and marzipan flowers.


5”- $25, 7”- $40, 9”- $55
Moist chocolate cake brushed with espresso and layered with mocha butter cream. Finished with an abundance of dark chocolate and espresso beans.


$3each or 6 for $16
Vanilla or Chocolate w/sprinkles & topper
Marzipan topped, or special designs. Additional charges will apply.

Vegan and Gluten free options:

Substituting a vegan and/or gluten free cake for the one listed, where possible, is subject to an additional charge

***Cakes that come with a liquor can be substituted for a non-liquor syrup.

ALL CHOICES: rum, brandy, hazelnut, raspberry, vanilla, espresso, lemon

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