coffeemuffin2Our pastries are made fresh-from-scratch daily and only with the finest ingredients:

Cinnamon Schnecke All-butter croissant pastry rolled up with cinnamon sugar filling and topped with streusel.

Chocolate Schnecke All-butter croissant pastry rolled up with dark chocolate ganache and dark chocolate chips, then dusted with icing sugar.

Lemon Copenhagen All butter croissant pastry filled with lemony cream cheese and drizzled with lemon glaze
Croissant All butter traditional French pastry to be enjoyed on its own or as a part of our breakfast croissant sandwich

Muffins Created as a more healthful breakfast choice, our muffins contain less sugar and fat than a traditional muffin.

Apple Strudel Light, flaky phyllo pastry filled with sliced apples tossed in rum, cinnamon and a bit of vanilla sugar. This product is dairy and egg-free.

Kaiser Kuchen Extremely moist date cake with caramel and coconut topping.

Cheesecake Brownie A rich, chocolate fudge brownie and cheesecake all in one.

Gluten Free Brownie This super dense fudge-like brownie is topped with dark chocolate chips that are baked in

Tarts All tarts – raisin butter tarts and lemon tarts – are made from scratch, in-house using 100% butter in the crust

Frangipan Tart Our sweet, butter based pastry dough with almond filling and either, real fruit and apricot glaze, or topped with ganache, then garnished with toasted sliced almonds.

Flourless Chocolate Cake Decadent chocolate/almond cake with a rich coating of chocolate ganache-Gluten Free

Poppy Seed Cake Traditional Viennese almond poppy seed cake with apricot and lemon glaze- Gluten Free

Crumble Bar A delicious oat based, lightly sweetened gluten free crumble forms the base and top of this fruit or jam filled bar – Gluten, egg, dairy and nut free

Serious Lemon Pound Cake sold in a 3 inch round paper pan, this buttery pound cake is lemony to the max with lemon zest baked in, a light soaking with pure lemon juice after it’s baked, and finally it’s topped with a generous drizzle of lemony glaze.

Chocolate Devilicious Cake this little sunken treasure packs big chocolaty richness complimented by its soft gooey texture (maximized with 20 seconds in the microwave). It is topped with a dollop of dark chocolate ganache and shards of dark chocolate – recommend eating with a spoon

Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie This classic has a hint of molasses and cinnamon to compliment the rich flavour of the pure dark chocolate chips.

Cran-Oat Cookie This chewy oatmeal cookie has no wheat, dairy, eggs or nuts in it but the dried cranberries and sunflower seeds give it lots of great flavour.

Chocolate Knockout this decadent cocoa meringue cookie happens to be gluten free and packs a bunch of flavour with the addition of toasted almonds, there is no added fat to this treat either.

Haystack Cookie A childhood favourite, this great combination of oats, coconut, cocoa and some sticky sweetness to hold it all together, is wheat, egg and dairy free. It is reminiscent of fudge with some healthy fibre thrown in. We also offer a variety of muffins, cookies and other tasty treats. Come see what we have created today!!!!

Special Diet

We do our best to meet the needs of our customers and offer a variety of special diet options. Many of our products are made to suit your lifestyle.

We have a selection of gluten free bread, cakes, pies, cookies and other loaves to choose from. Our daily soup is even made vegetarian and gluten free. Just ask us and we will be happy to provide more details to you.

Map and Directions

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